BOSTON, MA, MARCH 06, 2023

BOSTONMarch 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OnPoint, a group of privately held augmented reality (AR) technology companies pioneering AR guidance for multiple spine, neurosurgical, and orthopedic, including robotic, procedures, today announced that it will participate in the 2023 Canaccord Genuity Musculoskeletal Conference, which will take place on March 7th, 2023, immediately preceding the 2023 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in Las Vegas, NV. Philipp Lang, MD, Founder, Chairman and CEO, and Grace Connelly, CFO, will present the OnPoint technology platform that day at 8.00 am PT.

OnPoint is revolutionizing spinal, neurosurgical and orthopedic procedures with an Augmented Reality (AR) platform technology that superimposes virtual surgical guides and virtual implants onto the surgeon’s visual field using see-through optical head-mounted displays. Surgeons are highly enthusiastic about the technology, since it is extremely intuitive and easy to use, offering greatly improved hand-eye coordination.

These benefits are enhanced by unprecedented accuracy, significantly exceeding existing navigation and robotic systems. The OnPoint technology is open platform and compatible with the implants of all major manufacturers; it requires no change in surgical technique or surgeon practice.

The OnPoint AR platform technology is a cost-effective and highly accurate alternative to current robotic systems and is also an enabler for the next generation of robots, i.e. smart robots using optics instead of or in conjunction with haptics. The OnPoint AR platform technology is applicable to hospitals as well as ambulatory surgery centers.

“OnPoint offers an attractive financial profile using its rapidly accretive, extremely accurate and cost effective technology. It is a modular platform technology programmed for brisk expansion, since it enables AR guidance for both free-hand and robotic procedures. Our platform technology is at the nexus of free-hand and robotic surgery and it is backed by an equally impressive IP portfolio of granted U.S. and international patents,” says Philipp Lang, CEO and Chairman.

About the OnPoint Companies

OnPoint Medical, OnPoint Surgical, OnPoint Knee, OnPoint Hip and OnPoint Sports are privately-held medical device companies developing Augmented Reality (AR) guidance for multiple procedures, including spinal surgery, knee replacement, hip replacement, arthroscopic, and robotic procedures.

OnPoint AR technology platform is broadly applicable to all spinal, neurosurgical, orthopedic, arthroscopic, and other surgical procedures. OnPoint is expanding into multiple new applications and clinical indications.

The OnPoint AR technology is protected by more than 30 granted U.S. and international patents. The OnPoint Companies have established a pre-eminent intellectual property position for AR guidance of spinal, neurosurgical, orthopedic, and arthroscopic procedures, including manual and robotic surgery.